DRAM and SSDs will continue to get cheaper in the coming months

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Article written by Adrian Potoroaca, via https://www.techspot.com on 09 May 2023

Memory manufacturers are still struggling to fix oversupply issues, so DDR4 memory and SSDs may soon get more affordable for gamers on a tight budget.
Back in March, we learned that global DRAM market revenue had hit 2008 lows by then end of 2022.
According to TrendForce analysts, the average selling price for DRAM products is expected to fall between 13 to 18 percent by the end of June.
In the case of NAND memory, prices are expected to fall between eight to 13 percent.
Overall, the average selling price of PC DRAM may drop anywhere between 15 to 20 percent, which is great news for PC builders.

Please check out the complete article (source in English): https://www.techspot.com/news/98625-dram-ssds-continue-get-cheaper-coming-months.html
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