A New Era Of Renewable Energy Owned By The Consumer

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Article written by Felicity Bradstock, Felicity Bradstock Is A Freelance Writer Specialising In Energy, Finance. She Has A Master S In International Development The University Of Birmingham, More Info, via https://oilprice.com

Governments worldwide are encouraging private companies to move away from fossil fuels and invest heavily in green energy and related technologies.
Ripple Energy is raising funds for the U.K.’s first “shared” solar park to be built in Devon, in the southeast of England.
With two successful community energy schemes already underway, Ripple hopes to develop the 42-MW Derril Water solar park as its third.
The aim is to create a wave of green energy ownership that enables people to make a real climate impact, as well as stabilising their energy bills.
In the U.S., the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) sees community participation as key to the success of the green transition.

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