Stack Overflow is ChatGPT Casualty: Traffic Down 14% in March

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Article written by David F. Carr, Jim Corridore, via

On a year-over-year basis, traffic to Stack Overflow has been down by an average of 6% every month since January 2022 and was down 13.9% in March.
The comparisons with Stack Overflow and predictions that ChatGPT would “kill” Stack Overflow started immediately.
That’s not so different from the process of finding an answer to someone else’s question on Stack Overflow and adapting it to your own requirements.
How Stack Overflow and GitHub compare with ChatGPTMost websites suffer by comparison with ChatGPT these days, and this is not a fair comparison in the sense that Stack Overflow and GitHub are specialized services for developers.
GitHub is growing, and Stack Overflow is shrinkingWhile Stack Overflow and GitHub are a lot closer to each other in size than they are to ChatGPT, GitHub is growing its traffic while Stack Overflow is shrinking.

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