New efficiency standards for electric motors will save consumers $8.8B over 30 years, DOE says

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Article written by Robert Walton, Senior Reporter, via on 10 May 2023

Electric motor efficiency standards were last updated in 2014, according to the Appliance Standards Awareness Project.
DOE also announced proposed standards for new dishwashers and beverage vending machines, which the agency estimates will save consumers more than $3 billion over the same period.
“DOE is making rapid progress to strengthen outdated energy efficiency standards,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said in a statement.
The finalized and proposed standards DOE announced last week will save consumers $652 million annually on energy and water bills, the department said.
New standards for electric motors will save American businesses about $464 million annually, while the dishwasher rule will save consumers approximately $168 million a year.

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