France Is Fighting to Save Your iPhone From an Early Death

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Article written by Condé Nast, Morgan Meaker, Wired Staff, Matt Burgess, Jennifer M. Wood, Lily Hay Newman, Joel Khalili, Andy Greenberg, Gregory Barber, Chris Stokel-Walker, via on 19 May 2023

Every time a new iPhone is released, his team finds another part that’s been locked to work only with a specific Apple device.
The Repair Academy estimates an Apple-accredited technician charges customers twice as much as an independent repair shop.
The Repair Academy has been gathering evidence to try and prove that’s not the case.
For years, France has been at the forefront of the right to repair movement, introducing Europe’s first repairability scoring system.
“France is pushing for the right to repair in ways that nobody else has yet,” says Elizabeth Chamberlain, sustainability director at iFixit, a US group that campaigns for the right to repair.

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