EPA announces new rules to get carbon out of electricity production

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Article written by John Timmer, via https://arstechnica.com

Today, the Biden administration formally announced its planned rules for limiting carbon emissions from the electrical grid.
In 2007, the US Supreme Court ruled that the Clean Air Act applied to greenhouse gas emissions.
The new plan reflects those rulings, creating compliance rules that need to be met by existing coal and natural gas plants.
These will simply be subject to a requirement to burn high-quality natural gas that keeps their carbon emissions below set limits.
Given the typical life span of power plants and the fact that no new coal plants have been built in over a decade, that will likely cover the majority of coal plants in the US.

Please check out the complete article (source in English): https://arstechnica.com/science/2023/05/epas-new-rules-will-shift-power-plants-to-carbon-capture-green-hydrogen/
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