Researchers discover second case of person resistant to Alzheimer’s

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Article written by Manuel Ansede, via on 15 May 2023

Early dementia is so common that in some villages it has popular names, such as “la bobera” after the Spanish word for fool.
Researchers believe that his case opens the door to new ways to search for an effective treatment against the disease.
More information Seeking Alzheimer’s clues from few who escape genetic fate. Patient J is the second known person to carry the E280A mutation and not suffer from early Alzheimer’s disease.
In her laboratory, Cuchillo has investigated the reelin protein in the tissues of people with Alzheimer’s disease and has discovered alterations that would impair its protective function.
”This indicates that this receptor and the signaling cascade that starts after activating it may be key in Alzheimer’s disease,” argues Cuchillo.

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