40 Hz vibrations reduce Alzheimer’s pathology, symptoms in mouse models

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Article via https://picower.mit.edu

“We are very excited to see that 40 Hz tactile stimulation benefits motor abilities, which has not been shown with the other modalities.
To produce the vibration stimulation, the researchers placed mouse cages over speakers playing 40 Hz sound, which vibrated the cages.
First the researchers confirmed that 40 Hz vibration made a difference in neural activity in the brains of healthy (i.e.
Once the researchers knew that 40 Hz tactile stimulation could increase neural activity, they assessed the impact on disease in the two mouse models.
P301S mice also hung on to a wire mesh for significantly longer than control mice while CK-p25 mice showed a positive, though non-significant trend.

Please check out the complete article (source in English): https://picower.mit.edu/news/40-hz-vibrations-reduce-alzheimers-pathology-symptoms-mouse-models
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