Scientists Working to Generate Electricity From Thin Air Make Breakthrough

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Article via on 24 May 2023

This design can pull electricity from water droplets in the air for much longer periods than previous concepts, the researchers report, suggesting that it could eventually provide a continuous and sustainable source of power.
Researchers hope the technique could eventually help to fight climate change by serving as an alternative to fossil fuels.
Now, researchers at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, have developed an Air-gen device that yields electricity from contact with water droplets that pass through its porous material.
“The basis for broad-scale power is that the air contains a huge amount of electricity,” he added.
“Importantly, since air humidity is ubiquitous and continuous 24/7, Air-gen can be deployed almost anywhere for continuous energy harvesting, transcending the inherent intermittence of existing harvesters restricted to time or location,” the researchers said in the study.

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