Renewables Revolution: US Green Energy Poised for ‘Staggering’ Growth, According To BloombergNEF Report

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The U.S. clean energy sector is set to deliver a record-breaking 600 gigawatts (GW) of solar, wind and energy storage capacity by the end of the decade, according to BloombergNEF’s latest Clean Energy Market Outlook.
The report also expects 111 GW of new battery storage capacity to be deployed by 2030, marking a nine-fold increase in current capacity.
Qnetic’s cutting-edge energy storage technology promises to provide low-cost, scalable solutions for clean energy developers across the country, helping to meet the growing demand for reliable, affordable energy storage.
The coalition emphasizes the need for additional electric transmission infrastructure to support clean energy deployment, private investment, job creation and emissions reduction.
Green energy has been getting considerable support from the U.S. government and Biden administration.

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